317: FBI Retired Case File Review Live! in Philadelphia

The first FBI Retired Case File Review Live! was held on April 28, 2024, at the Punch Line comedy club in Philadelphia. If you attended the live show, but we didn’t get to shake hands, fist bump, or hug, I want you to know how much I appreciated you coming out to support me and my retired agent guests. The most validating part of the event was hearing directly from new agents who told me listening to FBI Retired Case File Review inspired them and their FBI Academy classmates, and helped their love ones understand their FBI journey.

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry. I’m pleased to post the audio from the live show along with plenty of photos taken during the event.

My on stage guests included retired agent Scott Duffey and his partner retired ATF special agent Terrance Mortimer, who took us behind the scenes of an unbelievable investigation they investigated, involving a nearly 2-decade-old unsolved homicide tenaciously pursued with the Philadelphia Police Department. The case was previously reviewed as FBI Retired Case File Review episode 179: Skinhead Racially Motivated Murder. The live show provided the opportunity to hear Terry’s insights regarding the case as well.

If you want to take a deeper dive into the case and hear from the Philadelphia detective who took the case to trial in state court and from Aaron Wood’s family, I highly recommend you listen to Deep Cover, Season 4 – The Nameless Man. During the 6-part series, host Jake Halpern tells the epic tale of how Scott and Terry investigated the rumor about a murder that supposedly took place 15 years prior. He also shares the story of a family searching for answers about why their brother was killed. These two storylines collide in a courtroom in Philadelphia, where murder, memory, and morality go on trial.

During the second half of the live show, Scott and Terry joined a panel of retired agents for a “Ask Us Anything” Q & A panel. Special thanks to the previous guests of FBI Retired Case File Review who took part in the discussion:

Darin Werkmeister – 294: Tender Hearts Adoption Scam

Rich Macko – 161: Broad Street Shootout

J.J. Klaver – 123: Electronic Surveillance, Fort Dix Six Case

Stephen Heaney – 128: Philadelphia Tow Truck Ambush

Bill Grace – 099: “Wolf Ticket,” Roofers Union Local 30 Labor Racketeering and 027: Mayor Slayer, Municipal Corruption

Kathy Lambert –010: Counterterrorism, the JTTF and Jihad Jane

Jeff Covington – 007: Tracking Top Ten Fugitives

Listen to more Philadelphia based FBI Retired Case File Review episodes here.

Special thanks to the staff at the Punch Line comedy club and to Tanya Jeter, who took the images below.

Please enjoy the recorded audio and images taken during the live show:





























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