Review of Reality (2023)

REALITY (2023) is a drama about NSA whistleblower Reality Leigh Winner, played by actress Sydney Sweeney. Here’s the premise: The FBI interviews and searches the home of a former American...Continue reading

Review of Marauders (2016)

Marauders (2016) is a crime thriller starring Bruce Willis as the CEO of a banking empire and Christopher Meloni, Adrian Grenier, and Dave Bautista as FBI agents. Here’s the premise:...Continue reading

Review of Class of ’09 (2023)

Class of ’09 (2023) is a thriller suspense limited series spanning multiple decades and told across interweaving timelines. The eight-episode series stars Brian Tyree Henry as Tayo, who becomes Director of...Continue reading

Review of Rush Hour (1998)

Rush Hour (1998) is an action comedy and buddy film starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Here’s the premise: When a Chinese diplomat’s daughter is kidnapped in Los Angeles, he...Continue reading

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