Review of Rush Hour (1998)

Rush Hour (1998) is an action comedy and buddy film starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Here’s the premise: When a Chinese diplomat’s daughter is kidnapped in Los Angeles, he...Continue reading

Review of Welcome to Chippendales (2023)

Welcome to Chippendales (2023) is an eight-episode limited series about the origin story of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, the Indian-American entrepreneur who started the stripper troupe Chippendales. Here’s the premise: An Indian immigrant becomes the unlikely...Continue reading

Review of The Heat (2013)

The Heat (2013) stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Here’s the premise: An uptight FBI Special Agent is paired with a foul-mouthed Boston cop to take down a ruthless drug...Continue reading

Review of Memory (2022)

Memory (2022) is an action thriller starring Liam Neeson. Here’s the premise: When Alex, an expert assassin, refuses to complete a job for a dangerous criminal organization, he becomes a target. FBI...Continue reading

Review of Taking Lives (2004)

Taking Lives (2004) is a serial killer thriller starring Angelina Jolie as FBI Agent Ileana Scott. The film also stars Ethan Hawke, and Kiefer Sutherland. Here’s the premise: An insidious...Continue reading

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