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FBI Retired Case File Review will be on the “world famous” Podcast Row at CRIMECON 2021: JUNE 4-6 | FAIRMONT AUSTIN. After being stuck inside for so long, be ready to hit the Lone Star State with the biggest and best CrimeCon yet.  TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Use code FBI2020 for 10% off.


Cops and Writers Podcast – 011 Busting F.B.I. Myths And Misconceptions With Special Agent Jerri Williams

LEAD LIKE A LADY – WITH GINA OSBORN Presents…Jerri Williams Author And Podcast Host FBI Special Agent, Retired

DIE-ALOUGE – S2 Episode 28: Rebekah Sebastian Interviews Jerri Williams, Retired FBI Agent

The Indy Author Podcast   ​Episode 067 – Mistakes Writers Make about the FBI and How to Avoid Them with Jerri Williams

PRETEND Live Q&A with retired FBI Agent Jerri Williams

MurderMurder News – True Crime News: Interview with Retired FBI Special Agent Jerri Williams

Every Little Thing – Hollywood Punches: How to Make a Knockout Sound (My interview about evidence boards is at the end)

Great Women In Fraud – Episode 12 Jerri Williams host of Retired FBI Case File Review

The Indy Author Podcast – Podcasting as Content Marketing with Jerri Williams

Washington Times  – Book Review: Retired agent addresses FBI myths and misconceptions

Men’s Health Magazine – You’re Going to Be Hooked on These 15 True Crime Podcasts

The Fall Line Podcast – Interview: Retired FBI Agent Jerri Williams

The Vanished Podcast – Episode 225: Alicia Navarro with comments from Jerri Williams (34:13)

The True Philadelphia Podcast with Matt O’Donnell from 6ABC – S3 E11: Former Philadelphia FBI Agent on Post-Truth, Bad Guys and Reinventing Yourself

Kayfabe Podcast – Episode 029 – Retired FBI Agent Jerri Williams on How Much We Don’t Know

MurderMurderNews –  MMNster Book Chat: FBI Myths and Misconceptions   

Unstructured Livestream with FBI Agent Jerri Williams 

MurderMurderNews  – Hometown Heroes: Jerri Williams

Marie Claire – 55 True Crime Podcasts We’ve Been Hooked On This Year

The Creative Penn Podcast – Writing Crime: Myths And Misconceptions About The FBI With Jerri Williams

Webinar for the National Sisters-in-Crime on FBI Myths and Misconceptions. 1/28/2020. Must join to view.

Jim Harold’s Crime Scene 188 – FBI Myths and Misconceptions

PWLT – Podcast We Listen T0: FBI Retired Case File Review

Self Publishing Show-193: How to Write About the FBI (and Get it Right) – with Jerri Williams

My Favorite Detectives Stories with Former Detective John Hoda – MFDS 64 – Interview with  Jerri Williams

JUST PODCASTING – S1E12: The Intersection of Passion, Ambition, Integrity and Podcasting with Jerri Williams

The Protectors w/Jason Piccolo – Episode #28 | Jerri Williams| Retired FBI | Author of FBI Myths and Misconceptions

Authors on the Air Global Radio Network – Interview with FBI Special Agent (Ret) Jerri Williams, Authors Of Mass Destruction Episode 19

The Real Gully TV – 5/11/2019:  Fed Agent Says Task Force Was Created for Wayne Perry & Alpo Caliber Criminal Activity

Philadelphia Tribune – 3/21/2019:  The New Next: Former FBI agent Jerri Williams pulls curtain on agency myths

The Open Mic Podcast – 2/22/2019:  Episode 136 with Jerri Williams

Inspired Money – 1/2/2019:  IM 072: The Good and Bad of Money From a Retired FBI Agent | Jerri Williams

Ask Win – 12/19/2018:  Jerri Williams – ASK WIN  Season 7 – Episode 129

Podcast Business Journal – 12/11/2018:  Profile – FBI Retired Case File Review

Unstructured Podcast – 11/12/2018: 091 – Jerri Williams is a retired FBI Agent, Author, and Podcaster

Career Matis Podcast – 10/1/2018:  #109 – Industry Expert Series – Jerri Williams – Retired Special Agent FBI

WNYC Studios – The Takeaway – 10/1/2018:  What Will the Kavanaugh FBI Investigation Look Like?

Once Upon A Crime Podcast – 7/26/2018:  The Next Chapter: Author and Podcast Host Jerri Williams

NBC Today Show – 6/20/2018:   How to deal with those annoying robocallers  (I appear toward the end)

Metro Philly – 3/7/2018:  Exploring challenges for women in public safety in the #MeToo era

Pretend Radio Podcast – 2/20/2018:  The Taker – 2/12/2018:  True Crime: A Podcast That Goes Inside the FBI Through Literature

True Crime DC Podcast Meet-Up:  Sunday, March 18, 2018 

SEPTA/WIT Speaker Series – 1/31/2018:  Women Succeeding in Traditionally Male-Oriented Careers

Gangland Wire Podcast – 10/23/2017:  Philadelphia Strip Clubs and the Case that Inspired Pay To Play

Best Case Worst Case Podcast Interview – 10/23/2017:  Episode 29 | New agent is tasked with hunting a cop killer all alone – 8/29/2017:  Ex FBI agent: 2 things you need to know to avoid falling for a money scam

Best Case Worst Case Podcast Interview – 7/21/2017:  Episode 9 | The Charming Charity Fraudster and The FBI Agent Who Haunted Him – Jerri Williams 

WHYY/NewsWorks – 6/2/2017:  Summer reads: Revisiting former career to write of FBI agent investigating Philly corruption

Mystery Writers of America – NY Chapter3/20/2017:  10 Clichés and Misconceptions about the FBI

Jerri Williams – Women to Watch® Media with Susan Rocco – 2/7/2017 – 11/1/2016:  Former SEPTA spokeswoman is glad to be away from the frontlines

Mystery Writers of America – NY Chapter – 10/3/2016:  Mug Shot – Jerri Williams

NBC10 (Video) – 9/26/2016:   JERRI speaks with Vai Sikahema about her new novel PAY TO PLAY

Metro Philadelphia – 9/20/2016:   Former FBI agent readies for career in crime, sort of

Business Insider – 8/22/2016:   11 things Hollywood gets wrong about being an FBI agent

Philadelphia Inquirer – 2/2016:   Stitching together a life after the FBI  

CBS3 (Video) – 2/2016:   Former FBI Agent Turned Author Writes About Philadelphia Crimes  

Philly Mag – 2/2016:   Retired FBI Agents Dish About High-Profile Cases in Former SEPTA Exec’s New Podcast

Metro Philly – 2/2016:   Retired FBI agent kicks off new podcast

Philadelphia Daily News – 11/2015:   Ex-FBI Agent has novel approach

Newsworks/WHYY – 11/2015:   SEPTA spokeswoman Jerri Williams is turning the page on a new career

KYW NewsRadio/CBS Philly – 11/2015:   SEPTA’s Jerri Williams Trades Day Job For The Writer’s Life     

Philly Mag – News & Opinion – 11/2015:  SEPTA Spokeswoman Jerri Williams Plots New Career: Crime Novelist

Metro Philly – 11/2015:   SEPTA spokeswoman turns attentions to crime fiction

Billy Penn – 11/2015:   SEPTA’s Jerri Williams retires to write crime novels about ‘corruption, fraud and greed’

NewsWorks – 11/2015:  SEPTA spokeswoman’s career in transit to full-time novelist