FBI Word Search Puzzles: Fun for Armchair Detectives

FBI Word Search Puzzles: Fun for Armchair Detectives

Do you know who the FBI is? Do you know what the FBI does?

Entertaining and educational puzzles for those who want to learn what it's like to work for the FBI and to be a special agent.

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About the Book

Created by retired FBI agent Jerri Williams and her true crime obsessed son Chase Wert, FBI Word Search Puzzles: Fun for Armchair Detectives contains 70 plus puzzles that will provide hours of entertainment and education as you:

  • Exercise your mind
  • Build your FBI knowledge and vocabulary
  • Learn FBI trivia and buzzwords

Investigate all aspects of the FBI while scanning and searching for challenging terms with advanced FBI themes, such as international and domestic terrorism, serial killers, organized crime, FBI jobs, firearms training, and FBI movies and TV shows.

The enhanced word lists, curated from the companion book FBI Myths and Misconceptions: A Manual for Armchair Detectives, episodes of true crime podcast FBI Retired Case File Review, and from the official FBI website, will have even current and former FBI employees solving puzzles and enjoying eight bonus adult coloring pages and FBI acronyms and jargon matching games.

Big 8×10 book!

FBI Word Search Puzzles: Fun for Armchair Detectives is an excellent FBI reference book and FBI career guide. It’s not your grandmother’s word search book, but she will love it too!

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Sample word list, puzzle, and coloring pages from FBI Word Search Puzzles!

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Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Money Pit Press
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 1732462488
ISBN: 9781732462489
List Price: $11.99
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