Retired agent Dana Ridenour served 20 years in the FBI. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, she is interviewed about working drug investigations on the island of St. Croix, Resident Agency out of the FBI’s San Juan Office in Puerto Rico and going deep undercover in California to infiltrate and build relationships with individuals associated with the animal rights extremists groups to gather intelligence about criminal activities and the location of activist fugitives. Dana explains how, in order to be successful, undercover agents accept that their job is to “build relationships to betray relationships.” Dana recently wrote and released a crime novel inspired by her years working undercover. The title of the book is Behind the Mask.

Dana Ridenour

Special Agent (Retired)

11/12/95 – 04/06/2016













Listed below are links to a FBI overview, newspaper articles about animal and eco extremists cases and a post about Dana’s novel:

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Retired FBI Agent’s First Novel Shows It Is Not Only Our Enemies Who Betray Us . . .


Dana erad shot

Dana spent a year preparing for her undercover role gathering intelligence about animal rights extremists. She completely changed her diet and went vegan, which meant she refrained from eating and wearing animal products. Dana says that the undercover role tapped into her inner hippie.




















Dana’s second long-term undercover assignment in Los Angeles called for two undercover agents. Agent Bill Endorf (now also retired and her husband), her boyfriend at the time, was also a certified UCA. They worked the case together as a couple operating a storefront selling vegan products.




















Orlando SSTF photo

After their undercover identities were compromised, the Bureau transferred Dana and Bill out of the LA area for their own safety. Dana worked out of the Tampa Division/Orlando RA before retiring from the FBI.















Version 2

Dana’s new release Behind the Mask provides a fictionalized version of her days working undercover infiltrating animal rights extremists groups. The novel can be found here.

















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