Retired agent Russell Atkinson served with the FBI for 25 years. He specialized in investigating high-technology crimes in Silicon Valley. Atkinson also worked on several kidnapping cases and has arrested murderers and drug dealers. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Russell Atkinson reviews the case of Charles Geschke, a wealthy Silicon Valley businessman kidnapped at gunpoint and held for four days before being rescued. After retiring from the FBI, Russ Atkinson, with degrees in mathematics and law, practiced law and also worked for many high-tech firms in the computer industry including IBM, Fairchild Semiconductor, and AOL. Now retired, he spends time writing crime fiction and is the author of eight mystery novels. His book Held For Ransom, is a fictionalized account of the kidnapping of a wealthy Silicon Valley executive inspired by the Geschke case. You can learn more about Russell Atkinson and his books at his website Cliff Knowles Mysteries.

Special Agent (Retired)

Russell Atkinson

11/19/1973 – 4/30/1999











The following are links to newspaper articles about the kidnapping of Adobe computer software executive Charles Geschke:

New York Times – 6/1/1992:  F.B.I. Rescues a Kidnapped Businessman

LA Times – 5/31/1992:  Company Chief Freed; 2 Kidnap Suspects Arreste

Los Altos Town Crier – 8/14/2009:  A dramatic kidnapping revisited


Held For Ransom is a fictionalized account of a kidnapping inspired by the Geschke case. It can be purchased here.
















Jerri Williams, a retired FBI agent, author and podcaster, attempts to relive her glory days by writing crime fiction and hosting FBI Retired Case File Review. The true crime podcast available for subscription on Apple Podcast, Stitcher and other popular podcast apps. Her FBI crime thriller—Pay To Play— about a female agent investigating corruption in the Philadelphia strip club industry is available at as an e-book, trade paperback and audiobook. 


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  Nov 30, 2017

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