Episode 222: John Douglas – Mindhunter, White Supremacist Serial Killer

Retired agent and legendary FBI criminal profiler John Douglas served in the FBI for 25 years.

In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, John Douglas reviews his new book, The Killer’s Shadow and his prison conversation with Joseph Paul Franklin, a White Nationalist serial killer responsible for killing more than 20 people and wounding five, to include magazine publisher Larry Flynt and civil rights leader Vernon Jordan.

Douglas is an icon in the world of law enforcement. He has spent more than three decades hunting, researching, analyzing, and confronting America’s most disturbing criminals. He has interviewed many of America’s most notorious murderers and is a true authority on serial killers and violent predators.

During the episode, Douglas also discusses the popularity of true crime, and the Netflix series Mindhunter, inspired by his best-selling book of the same name.

Douglas holds a doctorate degree in education based on teaching police departments methods of crime classification and is an active consultant and a highly sought-after speaker. In addition to being the founding father of criminal profiling and modern criminal investigative analysis who has aided law enforcement agencies around the country and overseas, he was also the inspiration for characters in Silence of the Lambs, Criminal Minds, and now Mindhunter.

During his interview, John mentioned former colleagues Ken Lanning and Mary Ellen O’Toole, and ViCap, the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. To listen to more FBI Retired Case File Review case reviews with former BAU profilers here. To listen to case reviews about serial murder here.

Special Agent (Retired)

John Douglas

12/1970 – 6/1995








“You can get away with murder. Since 1980, there have been over 250,000 unsolved murder cases in the United States.”—Retired Agent and FBI Profiler John Douglas

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John Douglas’s new book, The Killer’s Shadow, explores the heart of extremism and domestic terrorism.











Mindhunter is the classic, behind-the-scenes chronicle of John Douglas’ career as an FBI profiler, assessing notorious serial killers and criminals.











Watch a trailer from the show on the MINDHUNTER | Netflix Official Site.











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