314: Julia Cowley – Weleetka Schoolgirls Murders

In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, retired agent Julia Cowley reviews the murder investigation of two Weleetka schoolgirls, 13-year-old Taylor Paschal-Placker and her 11-year-old friend Skyla Whitaker on the rural dirt road near one of their homes in Weleetka, Oklahoma and the detailed BAU analysis Julia conducted to provide insights for investigators about the unknown subject who shot and killed the girls.

The investigators eventually identified the offender responsible for killing the girls, and he is now serving life in prison.

Julia Cowley served nearly 22 years in the FBI. Her first assignment was to the Boston Division, where she investigated white collar crime, public corruption, and civil rights matters. Julia was then selected to join the FBI’s elite Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, VA.

Julia’s time in the BAU was followed by her selection to the FBI Laboratory, Evidence Response Team Unit. She later returned to the Boston Division, Springfield Resident Agency, where she oversaw all federal criminal investigations in western Massachusetts, including public corruption, civil rights, white collar crime, organized crime, gangs and crimes against children until her retirement.

Special Agent (Retired)

Julia Cowley

06/1999 – 05/2021

Julia is the host of The Consult, a true crime podcast where she and former BAU colleagues examine behavior exhibited before, during, and after the commission of a criminal act.

“When I became involved in the case, I don’t know what I was expecting to find, but I thought something would jump out at me, like one of them had contact with somebody on a cell phone or computer and met up with a stranger. But as I mentioned, the investigation had been so thorough and there was no indication at all. So it started to make me think that whatever the motive was, it was formed on the road that day. What on earth could these two girls do that would cause somebody to want to kill them?”—Retired Agent Julia Cowley

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Skylar was 11-years-old and Taylor 13 when they encountered the offender.
The rural dirt road in Weleetka, Oklahoma, where the bodies of the Weleetka schoolgirls were discovered.
People placed flowers and stuffed animals along the road as a memorial to the girls.

















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