Episode 170: Oliver “Buck” Revell – 1992 Presidential Campaign, Allegations of Dirty Tricks

(This episode was updated and re-released as Episode 270.)

Retired agent Oliver “Buck” Revell served in the FBI for 30 years. During his Bureau career, he assumed numerous leadership roles, culminating with his promotion to Associate Deputy Director in Charge of Investigations and Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas Field Office. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, he reviews the Dallas FBI investigation into allegations of dirty tricks made during the 1992 presidential campaign  primary involving the campaigns of President George H. W. Bush and candidate Ross Perot.  He also discusses the important but precarious role of the FBI in investigating criminal matters with serious political implications.

Buck Revell is the author of A G-Man’s Journal: A Legendary Career Inside the FBI- From The Kennedy Assassination to the Oklahoma City Bombing in which he shares highlights from his career. Currently, he is the founder and president of a global business and security-consulting firm, based in Rowlett, Dallas County, Texas. You can find out more about the firm’s services at the Revell Group International. Buck was previously on Episode 110 of FBI Retired Case File Review to review the first FBI case where extra-territorial jurisdiction was used to capture and prosecuted a subject for a crime that had occurred outside the U.S.

Associate Deputy Director (Retired)

Oliver “Buck” Revell

11/16/1964 – 8/31/1994








“You have to be prepared to justify what you did on the basis of proper procedure. But if you think you’re going to come through this type of investigation unscathed, that’s not being very realistic.”   — Retired Agent Oliver “Buck” Revell

The following are links to newspaper articles about the dirty tricks allegations made during the 1992 presidential campaign:


New York Times – 10/27/1992: THE 1992 CAMPAIGN: The Investigation; Officials Say Perot Charges Led F.B.I. to Try Sting at Bush Office

Dallas Observer – 9/12/1996:  Perotnoia

President George H. W. Bush and candidate Ross Perot at a debate during the 1992 presidential campaign primary.








In his memoir, A G-Man’s Journal, Buck Revell I discusses his career and high-profile Bureau cases, such as the Dallas Division’s investigation into dirty tricks allegations surfacing during the 1992 presidential campaign (Chapter 24). His book can be purchased here.
















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  1. Lisa GunnoeJune 9, 2020

    Very good discussion discussion. Very respectful to all sides. I have a compassion for the on the street agent because of your podcast. Thank you.

    1. Jerri WilliamsJune 11, 2020

      I thought this interview provided valuable insights for today’s FBI and politics discussions.


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