Episode 157:  Scott Duffey – Russian National Robs Bank, Kills Mother

Retired agent Scott Duffey served in the FBI for 22 years. For the majority of his career, he was assigned to the Wilmington Resident Agency out of the Baltimore Division where he was the bank robbery and kidnapping coordinator, and later, the supervisory special agent. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, he reviews a bank robbery case involving a Russian national that morphed into a strange murder investigation. In the process of gathering evidence to charge Dmitry Pronin with bank robbery, Scott discovered that just days before the bank was robbed Pronin’s mother had gone missing. Yulia Pogrebenko had just arrived in the U.S. from Russia to visit her son. Approximately five months later, her lower body and partial skull were discovered floating in the Chesapeake Bay and off of Tolchester Beach. Scott continued working with and assisting the Baltimore County Police Department on the murder investigation.

Scott Duffey also served as the coordinator of the FBI’s Delaware Violent Crimes Task Force  from 1999 through 2011.  Prior to joining the Bureau, he was a Lower Merion Township Police Officer. With a B.A. in Classical Languages and a Masters in Administration of Justice, Scott Duffey currently serves as the Associate Director of the Criminal Justice Institute for Wilmington University.

Supervisory Special Agent

Scott Duffey

January 1997  –  August 2018







“We began an investigation that his mother might have met with foul play based on contradictory statements from Dmitry and his being in possession of the clothes she wore in the surveillance photo taken at the JFK airport.”   —  Retired FBI Agent Scott Duffey

The following are links to newspaper articles about the Dmitry Pronin bank robbery case which lead to the missing person and murder investigation of his mother, Yulia Pogrebenko:

FBI Press Release – 9/21/2011:  Russian National Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Armed Bank Robbery

Washington Post – 11/24/2011:  Russian man suspected in mother’s Md. death: Police

Baltimore Sun – 2/4/2015:  Son pleads guilty in 2011 killing of mother visiting from Russia

Russian national Dmitry Pronin SOURCE Baltimore County Police Department. He sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for the bank robbery and an additional 25 years for his mother’s murder.









Identifying the car used in the bank robbery was the key to solving both investigations. Although, Dmitry denied ever seeing his mother while she was in the U.S., he was in possession of her rental car and even forged a new rental agreement document.










Yulia arrived at JFK airport in the evening of 02/23/2011. Surveillance cameras captured her in line waiting to obtained a rental car from Avis.













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