Episode 156: Lauren Anderson – Casablanca Bombings, Paris LEGAT

Retired agent Lauren Anderson served in the FBI for nearly 29 years. During her career, she worked counterintelligence and counterterrorism cases.

In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Lauren Anderson reviews the assistance the FBI provided to the Moroccan government directly after the 2003 Casablanca bombings, which resulted in 41 fatalities at five different sites.

At the time, she was the Legal Attaché (LEGAT) in Paris, France, where, in addition to France, she directed the FBI’s engagement with, and operations in Monaco and twenty-two African nations.

After her LEGAT assignment, Lauren Anderson was appointed to be the Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the International Terrorism Branch of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, where she oversaw the disruption of many terrorist plots and the success of many prosecutions. She also served as the interim Special Agent in Charge of the New York Counterterrorism Division and the Intelligence Division. Lauren Anderson and her teams received numerous awards and commendations, including from the Director of National Intelligence, the US Attorney General, Director of the National Security Agency, the Director of the FBI, the Respect for Law Alliance, and the Federal Executive Board.

Today, she builds upon her geopolitical and international security expertise to work with women leaders and young people around the globe.

She also provides commentary for media outlets, including ABC News, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, CBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico and Fox News. She’s an ambassador for Vital Voices and a judge for the XPRIZE Foundation’s Women’s Safety XPRIZE.

Special Agent (Retired)

Lauren Anderson

02/05/84 – 12/31/12







“A lot of us are used to seeing broken bodies, but what strikes you full force in the face is what you smell and what you hear, not just what you’re seeing.”—Retired agent Lauren Anderson


The following are links to more info about the Legat program and articles about the Casablanca bombings in Morocco that left 41 dead:

FBI Website: International Operations, Legal Attaché Offices

BBC News – 5/17/2003:  Terror blasts rock Casablanca

The Guardian- 5/18/2003:  Horror in Casablanca as al-Qaeda toll hits 41

CNN.com/world – 5/18/2003:  Morocco: Two bombers talking to police

Washington Post – 6/11/2006: 3 Years After Casablanca Blasts, Shantytowns Are Still Restive Islamic Radicals Readily Recruiting Jobless Moroccan Youths  

Daily Mail – 3/26/2015:  Moroccan ‘FBI’ and imam training keep jihadists at bay

Here’s a link to other FBI Retired Case File Review episodes about the FBI’s Legat work overseas.

Jewish Community Center in May 2003 after the Casablanca terrorist attack.










The restaurant Casa d’Espana in Casablanca after the May 2003 terrorist attacks.









Lauren Anderson with Director Mueller during his visit to Morocco in 2006.










Lauren Anderson presenting graduation certificates to Moroccan National Police Officers attending Post-Blast training in Kenitra, Morocco.









Lauren in Marrakech, Morocco with the Medical Examiner and others during the investigation of the Casablanca bombings. He is in the white suit.













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