Episode 053: Denise Minor – Francophile in the FBI, Investigating En Français

Retired agent Denise Minor served nearly 29 years with the FBI. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Minor is interviewed about her extensive investigative experience working overseas primarily in various countries in Africa and in the United States utilizing her French language skills to communicate, interpret and translate during her career.  In addition to serving as the Legal Attaché or LEGAT in Rabat, Morocco, Minor was a French interpreter for the Protocol Office in support of FBI Director Louie Freeh and other FBI executives, deployed to Nairobi, Kenya to lead a small team with French language skills to conduct terrorism investigations in the Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros Islands, deployed to Rwanda to investigate human rights violations and genocide and had numerous other assignments that took her to Yemen, Haiti and other French-speaking destinations around the world. Her state-side assignments, included leading a team of crime analysts at the Behavioral Analysis Unit, Violent Criminal Apprehension Program and serving as a leadership development program facilitator on the FBI Leadership Learning Delivery Team.  After retiring from the FBI, Minor, a licensed attorney and certified personal coach, opened her own leadership development consulting firm, MindSpring Metro DC, Inc.

Supervisory Special Agent (Retired)

Denise Minor

2/24/1986 – 12/31/2014













Denise Minor’s career was shaped by her proficient French language skills. The following links to overviews on the FBI website provide additional information about the Legal Attaché (LEGAT) program and the FBI’s non-agent careers for individuals with foreign language proficiencies:

FBI Overview – International Operations, History of Legal Attachés

FBI Overview – Language Analysts and Contract Linguist

On several occasions, former FBI Director Louie Freeh relied on Denise Minor and her French language skills to be his interpreter and to transcribe official documents during meetings and discussion and with foreign leaders. This photo shows them boarding the plane for a return trip to the U.S. after presenting testimony before War Crimes Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte.














Denise Minor’s French language skills were put to use while attending a law enforcement conference in Marrakech, Morocco .










As Legat Rabat, Denise was given a tour of the offices of her law enforcement partners in Algiers, Algeria.











In leadership roles in overseas, Denise Minor learned to assert herself while respecting the cultures of the countries in which she was assigned. She was invited to participate in the graduation ceremony for the first female police cadets in Algiers, Algeria.












As Legat Rabat, Denise was invited to inspect the first female police cadets in Algiers, Algeria.











When assigned as a supervisor on a Foreign Counter Intelligence squad in the New York Division, Denise had the opportunity to meet former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.













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