Retired agent Dell Spry served in the FBI for twenty years. During his career, he primarily worked counterintelligence, counterespionage, and counterterrorism investigations. While assigned to FBIHQ, Dell was a member of the National Security Council Counterterrorism Working Group. He was liaison to the CIA Counterintelligence Center, Counterespionage Group and was the lead investigator for the FBI in the Aldrich Ames case. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Dell is interviewed about the two-year-long investigation where he, as the FBI case agent, along with a team of FBI and CIA personnel, was successful in identifying Ames as a KGB mole. Ames, who was directly responsible for the execution of several Soviet and Russian assets and operatives, was charged and convicted of espionage in 1994 and is serving a life sentence. Dell received the FBI Director’s Award for Excellence in a Counterintelligence Investigation and the CIA Director’s Meritorious Service Award for his efforts. Prior to retirement, Dell supervised a Counterintelligence squad in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, as a consultant, Dell teaches an advanced course of instruction to novice and experienced FBI personnel on human intelligence (HUMINT) collection, intelligence tradecraft, and counterintelligence matters.

Supervisory Special Agent (Retired)

Dell Spry

1/23/1986 – 1/31/2006














The following are links to a FBI overview of the Aldrich “Rick” Ames investigation, newspaper articles about the case, and a video of an interview with Ames:

FBI Famous Cases – Aldrich Ames

How the F.B.I. Finally Caught Aldrich Ames –

WHY I SPIED; Rick Ames

1997 Rick Ames Interview (Video)



Photo of Dell Spry placing handcuff on CIA employee Aldrich Ames on the day of his arrest for espionage on February 21, 1994.














Mugshot of  Ames taken on the day of his arrest for espionage on February 21, 1994. (Photo Credit FBI)

















This is the reassembled fragments of a yellow Post-It note, torn up and tossed away, that agents picked out of Ames’ garbage can.















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  Sep 30, 2016

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