Episode 211: Billy Ebersole and Ossie DeJesus – Colombian Cocaine Undercover Sting

In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Billy Ebersole and Ossie DeJesus review the Tratados Quimicos (Chemical Treatments) case, where a Colombian drug trafficking cell had a shipment of 1000 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of $25 million hidden inside big metal chlorine gas containers at Dundalk Terminal near Baltimore.

Billy, the case agent of this Colombian cocaine undercover sting, had his informant introduced Ossie, the undercover agent, to the traffickers to transport the cocaine from Baltimore to New York.

The case resulted in a very successful investigation, the arrest of the traffickers, and the seizure of the cocaine. After Tratados Quimicos, Billy and Ossie went on to work on other successful cases and, in retirement, continue to work together as security manager for Disney Cruise Line.

Special Agent (Retired)

William “Billy” Ebersole

10/15/1995 – 11/30/2017







“You look for the mentors who train you in that professional skepticism so you don’t get burned, and the FBI doesn’t get burned.”—Retired Agent Billy Ebersole

Retired agent William “Billy” Ebersole served in the FBI for 22 years.

His first office of assignment was FBI Newark where he worked on the Colombian/South American Drug Squad. Billy was also a relief supervisor for C-6 and the Chief Division Counsel’s Office.

Later in his career, Billy transferred to the Philadelphia Division – Williamsport Resident Agency, where he worked a variety of criminal and national security matters and was both the Infragard and WMD coordinator. UPDATE: Bill is the author of Another in the Fire: An FBI Agent’s Life, Faith and Relentless Pursuit of Crime, about the pursuit of his dream of being on the front lines in the War on Drugs through a variety of positions and adventures.

Special Agent (Retired)

 Osvaldo (Ossie) DeJesus

4/21/1991 – 2/28/2014







“That’s $25 million of drugs this subject is sitting on. This is a very high target. When you’re dealing with a source that can talk to someone like that, you have to convince the source that you know what you’re doing and understand how drug traffickers work.”—Retired Agent Ossie DeJesus

Retired agent Ossie DeJesus served in the FBI for 23 years.

After New Agents Training, he was assigned to the Newark Division where he worked drug investigations and became a member of the newly formed FBI Evidence Response Team. In 1998, he was transferred to the San Juan Division where he worked drug investigations. In August 2001, Ossie was transferred to the Philadelphia Division where he also worked drug Investigations, Domestic Terrorism, and later became a Technically Trained Agent.

During his last two years in the FBI, he was assigned to the Philadelphia Division’s Intelligence Group as an Intel Agent.

The following are links to newspaper articles about the Colombian cocaine undercover sting:

Baltimore Sun – 3/1/1997:  Drug seizure called Maryland’s biggest

Baltimore Sun – 8/8/1997:  Fla. man guilty in cocaine plot He conspired to move a ton of drugs through Baltimore

Baltimore Sun – 9/4/1997:  Miami man gets 4 1/2 -year prison term, deportation in cocaine smuggling case He gave evidence against his father

Baltimore Sun – 9/13/1997:  Man Gets 5 year sentence in 25 million drug plot

Colombian traffickers hid 1000 kilograms of cocaine inside these big metal chlorine gas containers at Dundalk Terminal near Baltimore.









The traffickers had packed the inside of the metal barrels with cocaine.









This is what $25 million of Colombian cocaine looks like.













Billy Ebersole is the author of Another in the Fire. The memoire can be purchased here.



















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