Episode 210: Victor Hartman – Fraudster Mindset, Three Types of Fraud

Retired agent Victor E. Hartman served the FBI for 25 years with most of his time overseeing complex white-collar crime cases. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Hartman reviews the mindset of the white-collar crime defendant and the three types of fraud – misappropriation of assets, corruption, and financial statement fraud. Hartman makes the distinction of a predatory fraudster versus a situational fraudster by comparing the Enron and WorldCom cases. Hartman played a leadership role in the early phases of both investigations.

During his career, Hartman was assigned to the Houston and Atlanta divisions. Hartman is both an attorney and a certified public accountant. As a street agent, Hartman started his career working savings and loan fraud and later, health care fraud. As a supervisory special agent, he oversaw a public corruption squad, bank fraud squad, and a health care fraud squad. He also served on the FBI’s corporate fraud response team. Before his retirement, Hartman served as the chief division counsel of the Atlanta Division.

Hartman is currently the principal of The Hartman Firm, LLC in Atlanta. The Firm specializes in internal investigations, forensic accounting, and fraud mitigation consulting. He is also the author of the book, The Honest Truth About Fraud. Hartman uses the book as a textbook at two universities where he is an adjunct professor.

Special Agent (Retired)

Victor E. Hartman

1989 – 2014








“Many of these executives are already wealthy many times over. Another $5 million is insignificant. They’re driven by other things like pride, ego, and shame.”—Retired Agent Victor Hartman

The following are links to articles about White Collar Crime and the Enron and WorldCom investigations:

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FBI Website (VIDEO):  Houston Division Marks 25th Anniversary of Enron

Vic Hartman played a leadership role in the early phases of the WorldCom investigations.










Hartman played a leadership role in the early phases of the Enron investigation








Vic Hartman’s book, The Honest Truth About Fraud, defines fraud and it root causes. It covers the three types of fraud and explores the mindset of a fraudster.











Vic Hartman read The F.B.I. by Quentin Reynolds in the 5th grade and was able to find a rare copy in 1998. The book, written in 1954, inspired Vic to become an FBI agent. I found a copy online for $56.















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