Retired agent Oliver “Buck” Revell served in the FBI for 30 years. During his Bureau career, he assumed numerous leadership roles, culminating with his promotion to Associate Deputy Director in Charge of Investigations. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, he reviews Operation Goldenrod and the capture of Fawaz Younis, the first overseas apprehension of an international terrorist. He also provides frank and transparent insight about the public perception of the FBI today. Operation Goldenrod” was the first time that new extra-territorial jurisdiction approved by Congress  was used. This legislation provided the FBI with authority to investigate terrorist acts in which Americans were taken hostage, no matter where the acts occurred. Buck Revell is the author of A G-Man’s Journal: A Legendary Career Inside the FBI- From The Kennedy Assassination to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Currently, he is the founder and President of a global business and security-consulting firm, based in Rowlett, Dallas County, Texas. You can find out more about the firm’s services at the Revell Group International.

Associate Deputy Director (Retired)

Oliver “Buck” Revell

11/16/1964 – 8/31/1994













The following are links to additional information and newspaper articles about Operation Goldenrod, the first time the FBI was authorized to investigate terrorist acts in which Americans were taken hostage, no matter where the acts occurred:

FBI Website – Fawaz Younis/Operation Goldenrod

The FBI Files: Season 6 – Ep 18 “Operation Goldenrod”

New York Times – 9/18/1987:  Lebanese Suspect in ’85 Hijacking Arrested by the F.B.I. While at Sea

New York Times – 9/19/1987:  Friend Led Terror Suspect to F.B.I., Lawyer Says

LA Times – 3/17/1989:  Lebanese Terrorist Younis Unrepentant About Hijacking, Says He’d Do It Again

Washington Post – 3/29/2005:  Convicted Terrorist Deported To Lebanon After Prison Term



Command group for Operation Goldenrod on the bridge of USS Butte, October 1989. (Buck Revell is second from left.)













Launch taking Fawaz Younis from FBI yacht to USS Butte during Operation Goldenrod. (Buck Revell is wearing baseball cap.)
















In his memoir, A G-Man’s Journal, the former associate deputy director in charge of investigations for the FBI discusses his career and high-profile Bureau cases, such as Operation Goldenrod. His book can be purchased here.




















In 1998, Buck Revell wrote the following in the third paragraph of the epilogue of his memoir, A G-Man’s Journal.

Lessons Learned—Where Do We Go from Here?

“But during the past few years, I have seen an increasing level of political involvement in the investigative decisions undertaken by Federal agencies, and in particular the FBI. This political encroachment on investigative decision-making by career law enforcement officers is fraught with peril. If an agency is going to be truly free from the partisan political bickering of Washington, and from the political dictates of the administration in power, it must have dedicated, highly trained career officers and a leader who is, although politically selected, totally independent of the political process.”  — Oliver “Buck” Revell




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  Apr 05, 2018

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Jack Saltarelli   Reply  

Jack Saltarelli here once again. I am not elated, by any means, that you have interviewed another renowned agent I had dealings with in March 1969. Oliver ‘Buck’ Revell was the lead agent that broke the Quartermasters Armed Robbery case, a military institution located on Oregon Ave in South Philly. How he broke that case was extraordinary given that we left no clues, and from where I sit today, can see why he rose to where was when he retired. 5 men, including myself were involved and all 5 were convicted. I went by the name John Conway in those days, not knowing my true birth name until years later. Too bad he didn’t do a segment on how he broke that case, it was what I called a wild shot that paid off. I also have a publishing outfit discussing running with my book and I am waiting for the Judge to give the nod which I think is going to be soon.
I’m still open for a Pod Cast if you still desire.
Take care,
Jack Saltarelli

Jack, I definitely still want to do the podcast episode with you and retired agent Judy Tyler. I think it would be a fascinating exchange between case agent and confidential informant. It will also give us a taste of the many exciting stories that will undoubtedly be featured in your book.

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