Episode 045: Geoff Doyle – Operation Whitemare, Chinese Heroin Bust


Retired agent Geoff Doyle served 20 years with the FBI.  He joined the Bureau after 8 and a half years in the military.  Early in his career, Geoff worked a variety of assignments in the Richmond and New York Divisions, including SWAT, bank robberies and investigating Italian organized crime.  He was later assigned to a squad specifically established to combat the increase in Chinese organized crime. He was eventually promoted to be the supervisor of the squad, which began to focus primarily on investigating the trafficking of heroin and cocaine from South East Asia into the United States.  In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Geoff is interviewed about working as the case agent of Operation Whitemare, the international FBI investigation that resulted in the largest heroin bust and seizure in U.S. history and identified and disrupted major international Chinese drug networks. Post retirement, Geoff owns and operates, Doyle Carden Group LLC, an investigative and anti-money laundering consulting firm.

Supervisory Special Agent (Retired)

Geoffrey Doyle

4/2/1979 – 4/1/1999














The following are links to newspaper articles about Geoff Doyle’s case Operation Whitemare,  the international FBI investigation that resulted in what is still the largest seizure of heroin in U.S. history:

Heroin Seizure at 3 Queens Sites Is Called Biggest U.S. Drug Raid

Asian Drug Ring Crushed in N.Y.; Record Cache of 838 Pounds of Heroin Is Seized

Police, FBI Score Nation’s Biggest Heroin Bust


A collage of the front-page headlines announcing the nearly $1 Billion heroin bust, the largest seizure in the history of the U.S.
















The heroin was molded into rings and inserted into small rubber wheels the size of the ones used on wheelbarrows.











Doyle’s book (non-fiction) takes the reader behind the scenes of this unparalleled investigation and heroin bust. It’s available at amazon.com and at Xlibris, the publisher’s website.
















Geoff Doyle (in front, leaning on cab of truck) was a member of FBI SWAT assigned to Atlanta in November of 1987 during the federal prison riots involving Cuban inmates fighting deportation.












Inscribed picture of Geoff Doyle with Attorney General Janet Reno, at an award ceremony in which he received the New York Bar Association’s Respect of Law Award in 1998.













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