Episode 084: Bret Hood – Hedge Fund Ponzi Scheme, Maricopa Investment Fraud

Retired agent Michael “Bret” Hood served 25 years with the FBI. During his Bureau career, he worked complex financial crime, money laundering, corruption and major investment fraud cases. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Bret Hood reviews his investigation of David Mobley, Sr. and Maricopa Investments, a multi-million dollar hedge fund Ponzi scheme. Bret Hood, a federal-court certified expert in money laundering and financial crimes, has traveled the world for the FBI teaching public and private sector employees how to develop anti-fraud and anti-corruption programs. After retiring from the FBI, Bret became the director of 21st Century Learning & Consulting, LLC, where he offers blocks of instruction on a range of topics to include forensic accounting, executive leadership, crisis management, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and compliance programs. Bret Hood is the author of Eat More Ice Cream: A Succinct Leadership Lesson for Each Week of the Year and Get Off Your Horse! 52 Succinct Leadership Lessons from U.S. Presidents. You can learn more about Bret Hood at his website  21puzzles.com.

Supervisory Special Agent (Retired)

Michael Bret Hood

7/14/1991 – 7/31/2016











The following are links to articles about investment fraud and the Maricopa hedge fund Ponzi Scheme investigated by Bret Hood:

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FBI Website – Ponzi Schemes

Golf Shore Life – So Where’s Our $77.3 Million?

Naple News – Judge declines to send hedge fund swindler David Mobley back to prison

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Barrons Magazine – King of Naples

Barrons Magazine – Uncrowning the King

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Bret Hood’s newest book features different leadership lesson for each week of the year. It can be purchased here.















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  1. NickMay 2, 2018

    will all due respect that is a pretty standard disclosure warning that you see on almost any investment prospectus , i am surprised someone as sophisticated as an FBI agent would consider that a red flag. even something like the vanguard fund which is about as mundane investment as one can make has a similar disclosure warning about the risk of losing all your money

    1. Jerri WilliamsMay 12, 2018

      Thank you for listening to the episode. I had to re-listen to it before I could respond. You’re correct about the disclosure. However, Agent Hood was making the distinction that this normal disclosure warning was in direct constrast to the language in the brochure stating that the Maricopa Hedge Fund was a low risk investment. Agent Hood was saying that the the red flag was the overly positive sales language, not the disclosure warning.


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