259: Dave Nadolski – Child Kidnapping Murder of Jeffrey Curley

Retired agent Dave Nadolski served in the FBI for 21 years. He was assigned to the Detroit, Atlanta, New York, and Boston Field Offices.

In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Dave Nadolski reviews the 1997 multi-agency investigation of the disappearance of 10-Year-old Jeffrey Curley from in front of his grandmother’s home in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the failed polygraph exam that lead to the confession that lead to a confession from one of the two predators responsible for the kidnapping and murder of the little boy.

During his career, Dave conducted investigations involving foreign counterintelligence matters, public corruption, civil right violations, bank robberies and major crimes, gang investigations, and government fraud violations. He ended his career in the Boston Division as a squad supervisor. Since his Bureau retirement, Dave has worked as a licensed private investigator, a corporate security supervisor, and, most recently, as a realtor.

Dave is the author of The Con and the FBI Agent: An Unlikely Alliance.

The true crime story features the Loomis Fargo vault sting, the biggest investigation of Dave’s career, and his relationship with the informant, who helped him solve the case (30% discount code). Listen to his previous FBI Retired Case File Review interview – Episode 130: Dave Nadolski – Loomis Fargo Vault Sting, Informants

Special Agent (Retired)

Dave Nadolski

2/1983  –  2/2004








“The evening news showed footage of five FBI ERT members, including myself, in the water struggling to haul the container onto the riverbank.”—Retired Agent Dave Nadolski

The following are news articles about the kidnapping and murder of little Jeffrey Curley:

Associated Press – 10/7/1997: Body of 10-year-old Massachusetts boy found in Maine

(YouTube VIDEO) The Story of Jeffrey Curley

Boston.com – 7/1/2020:  Charles Jaynes, convicted of killing Jeffrey Curley, 10, admitted to the crime during his first parole hearing

Boston Herald – 6/30/2020:  Jeffrey Curley’s killer: I did it to see if I could get away with it ‘like on TV’

To learn more about how the FBI investigates child abduction and Kidnapping cases, listen to these FBI Retired Case File Review episodes.

Photo of Jeffrey Curley taken before his kidnapping and murder.









Dave Nadolski’s book about his successful undercover sting operation and relationship with informant Tony Romano. Click here for 30 percent discount code.















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