Retired agent Mike Rochford served in the FBI for 30 years, five years as a clerical employee and Russian translator, and 25 as a special agent. Prior to his retirement, Mike was Section Chief of the Espionage Section. Based on his language skill, Mike worked Foreign Counter Intelligence (FCI) cases for most of his career. While assigned as a supervisor at FBI Headquarters and in the field, he oversaw such cases as Aldrich Ames and Earl Pitts, and worked to identity six unknown subjects, government spies the FBI and CIA had been for years trying to uncover. One of those “unsubs” was eventually identified as FBI agent Robert Hanssen. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Mike Rochford reviews the investigation of  Hanssen, considered the most damaging spy in FBI history. Mike recruited the source, a Russian agent of the KGB/SVR, who provided the information that led to Hanssen’s identification. For this effort, Mike received the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement from the CIA.

Section Chief (Retired)

Michael T. Rochford

6/24/1974 – 8/4/2004













The following are links to a FBI overview of the Robert Hanssen investigation and a video of Mike speaking about the Hanssen case at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D. C.

FBI Website Famous Cases and Criminals – Robert Hanssen

International Spy Museum – Investigation of Robert Hanssen (video)


Unclass_Hanssen first half

Members of the team who received the Attorney General award represented all of the Bureau employees who had worked on the Robert Hanssen investigation, including the case agents, surveillance team, and technical personnel.
















Mike received this Citation from the CIA for his pivotal role in the Robert Hanssen investigation. He recruited the source, a Russian agent of the KGB/SVR, who provided the information that led to Hanssen’s identification.















Cerificate photo

Steve Kappes, Deputy Director of CIA congratulates Mike Rochford after he received a CIA Citation for recruiting the asset who helped identify Robert Hanssen.













Mike Rochford with former FBI Director Robert Mueller. Ironically, Mueller was the CIA official Mike initially debriefed about the identification of Hanssen as a FBI spy.
















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  Aug 19, 2016

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