Episode 214: Andrew Bringuel – Acmar Landfill Case, Clean Water Act Violation

Retired agent Andrew Bringuel, II, served in the FBI for over 27 years on squads investigating intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, public corruption, white-collar crimes, terrorism, and foreign counterintelligence years. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Andy reviews his five-year-long Acmar Landfill case where evidence was gathered to prove illegally disposed of solid waste resulted in the discharged of leachate and other pollutants into Big Black Creek in St. Clair County, Alabama. The investigation also involved associates of the Genovese crime family and corrupt public officials. As a result of the case, Andy Bringuel received the Attorney General’s Award for environmental crimes investigation.

Later in his career, he was promoted to supervisory special agent (SSA) and managed teams at the FBI Academy’s National Domestic Preparedness Office, Investigative Computer Training Unit, Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) and Behavioral Analysis Unit -5 (BAU-5).  He has instructed police officers and executives at the FBI National Academy as well as in-services around the world at the International Law Enforcement Academies.

Since his retirement from the Bureau, Andy Bringuel is the Executive Director of the Behavioral Science Unit, LLC (BSU, LLC), a private security, training, consulting, and research firm located in central New York. In addition to operating his firm, he is currently a special investigator for the FBI’s Security Division, an analyst and commentator for i24News, Law & Crime Media, and OpsLens Media, an adjunct research analyst at RAND Corp., and an adjunct Instructor for the National Command and Staff College. He is available for keynote lectures on issues involving human beliefs and behavior and has been interviewed by Newsweek, New York Times, and Huffington Post on issues ranging from workplace violence to terrorism.

Special Agent (Retired)

Andrew Bringuel, II

February 1990 – April 2017








“We kayaked down the river to where the two streams were and, with our search warrant, we took spilt samples to show that they were actually pollutants.”—Retired Agent Andy Bringuel

The following are links to articles about the FBI’s investigation of  violations of the Clean Water Act  and Andy Bringuel’s successful investigation of illegal dumping at the Acmar Landfill in Alabama:

FBI.gov Website: Dirty Deeds – Enforcing Environmental Laws

The Selma Times-Journal – 3/5/1998:  Firm_fined_$1.8_million_for_illegal_dumping

The Anniston Star – 3/28/1998:  Landfill settlement_means_money_for_Calhoun_County_Commission


Andy Bringuel, dressed in camouflage, kayaked to the Acmar Landfill to take samples of the water polluted with leachate.











Solid waste illegally dispose of resulted in discharges of leachate and other pollutants into Big Black Creek in St. Clair County, Alabama.








Arial view of the Acmar Landfill.









The Acmar Landfill sits on top of an aquifer that feeds into the Black Creek, a tributary to the Cahaba River.













Andy Bringuel appears weekly on The Dr. Carlos & Andy Show, a podcast available on the OpsLens Media app and Podtail.












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