298: Jonny Grusing – Rocky Mountain Murderer, Harold Henthorn

In this episode, retired agent Jonathan “Jonny” Grusing reviews his and National Park Service agent Beth Schott’s investigation of Harold Henthorn for murdering his first and second wives. Grusing gathered the evidence to prove the premeditated murders were made to look like accidents.

Henthorn’s wife, Lynn, was crushed when he caused a car to fall on her and he pushed his wife, Toni, from a cliff while they were hiking on Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. Before their deaths, both wives were dominated by Henthorn, a man they thought was “a strong, successful Christian man.”

Grusing served in the FBI for 25 years. During his career, he worked violent crime, to include bank robberies, kidnappings, missing persons, serial rapists, serial killings, and special jurisdiction homicides.

In 2008, Grusing was named as the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) Coordinator for Colorado, consulting on difficult or unusual homicides or missing persons cases throughout the state.

He is currently the Director of Safety and Security for the Douglas County School District in Colorado and managing his own investigative consulting service. He is writing on a book about his investigation of serial killer and former FBI informant Scott Kimball, which he reviewed in FBI Retired Case File Review Episode 276.

Special Agent (Retired)

Jonathan Grusing

9/1996 – 8/2021





“I go up to introduce myself to Harold. He’s already in cuffs. I say, Harold, we have an arrest warrant for you. He’s like, for what? I said, first degree homicide for Toni. He said, that’s preposterous, who are you?”—Retired Agent Jonny Grusing

The following are links to articles about Harold Henthorn’s premeditated murders of his first and second wives:

CBS NEWS – 6/9/2018: “48 Hours” investigates the deaths of Colorado man’s wives

Rollingstone Magazine: Black Widower: How One Man Allegedly Murdered Two Wives

CBS Colorado – 5/23/2022: Convicted Wife-Killer Harold Henthorn Back In Court, Claims Attorney ‘Sold Me Down The River’

Listen to Episode 276: Jonny Grusing – Serial Killer Con Man Scott Kimball.

Car jack “accident” site.
Location of the mountain cabin, Harold purchased for Toni with her own money.
Falling beam “accident” site.
Deer Mountain trail where Harold took Toni on an anniversary hike.
Pushed off the cliff “accident” site.

































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