277: Michael Byrnes – Quadruple Homicide Crime Scene Search

In this episode, retired agent Michael Byrnes reviews the tragic 2017 quadruple homicide of four young men in Solebury, PA, specifically the human remains search and recovery operation conducted by Philadelphia FBI ERT to assist local law enforcement officers.

Mike oversaw team members from FBI, state, county, and local agencies as they identified and processed 6 separate excavation sites, ultimately recovering all four victims, Thomas Meo, 21, Mark Sturgis, 22, Jimi Patrick, 19, and Dean Finocchiaro, five days after commencing the operation. The quadruple homicides were carried out by Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Michael Kratz, who were convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole by the state of Pennsylvania.

Mike Byrnes served in the FBI for more than 25 years. During his career, he was assigned to the Boston, New York, and Philadelphia field offices. He has worked white collar economic crimes and organized crime.

He was involved with the FBI’s crime scene Evidence Response Team (ERT) for his entire career, using his B.S. in Chemistry from Villanova University and M.S. in Forensic Toxicology from the University of Florida. For nearly 9 years, Mike oversaw the FBI New York City Evidence Response Team as the Senior Team Leader. He was also team leader in Boston and held the position of Senior Team Leader for six years in Philadelphia.

His work investigating and processing crime scenes has repeatedly taken him to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Some of the more recognizable events and locations include the U.S. Embassy bombing in Dar es Salaam (1998), Tanzania, EgyptAir 990 plane crash (1999), 9/11 (NYC, 2001), US Air 1549 (Sully Sullenberger) Hudson River water landing (2009), the terrorist bombings in Kampala, Uganda (2010), New York Times Square Bombing attempt (2010), the Benghazi (Libya) attack on Ambassador Christopher Stevens (2012), the Boston Marathon bombing (2013), and the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya (2013) as well as operational deployments and trainings in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Since his recent retirement, Mike has continued working for the FBI as a contract employee, doing background checks for the Security Division.

Special Agent (Retired)

Michael Byrnes

4/1996 – 12/2021

Retired agent Michael Byrnes







“We knew that something grisly had happened there, and the backhoe was involved, which is why trying to excavate or recover remains would be even more difficult.”—Retired Agent Mike Byrnes

The following are links to news articles about the 2017 quadruple homicide of four young men in Solebury, PA:

Bucks County Courier Times – 7/5/2022: Five years later: Looking back at the disappearance, murder of 4 men in Bucks County

Yahoo! News – 5/16/2018: Cosmo DiNardo pleads guilty to killing 4 men in Bucks; Sean Kratz rejects deal, opts for trial

New York Times – 11/18/2019: Man Sentenced to Life Without Parole in Brutal Farm Killings

Philly Magazine – 2/25/2020: The Untold Tale of Cosmo DiNardo’s Descent Into Murder and Madness

Listen to Episode 221: Jean O’Connor – Evidence Response Teams, ERT to learn more about FBI evidence and crime scene collection.

Quadruple murder victims
These four young men from nearby towns in Bucks County, PA were reported missing on July 5 and 7, 2017, and determined to be victims of a quadruple homicide.
The assistance of the Philadelphia FBI ERT at the farm site of the Solebury, PA quadruple homicide was requested because of their expertise in the recovery of human remains.
The backhoe excavation of a quadruple homicide
The crime scene excavation, done layer by layer with a backhoe, was meticulously and thoroughly documented.
Quadruple homicide crime scene
Using one tent for digging and one for processing, the FBI ERT excavates the bodies of four missing young men buried on the DiNardo family farm in Solebury, PA.
































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