JERRI WILLIAMS iTUNESRetired agent Judy Tyler served 31 years as an agent with the FBI. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Judy talks about being one of the first women to join the Norfolk, Virginia police department and the dangerous drug world she navigated for most of her FBI career. Post retirement, she continues to share her experience and expertise by training current agents to develop informants as part of a specialized FBI in-service program. We discussed the importance of working well with confidential sources and cooperating witnesses and how crucial this skill set is to the success of the Bureau.



Special Agent (Retired)

Judith A. Tyler

12/10/1979 – 7/31/2010

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A Career Working Drug Cases to Combat Illegal Distribution


Links to newspaper articles related to the cases Judy worked during her distinguished career with the FBI:

Kingpin is guilty in murder for hire Maurice Phillips arranged the slaying of a Montco woman who was cooperating with the FBI.

Convicted killer, drug ring kingpin Maurice Phillips gets 4 life terms

Drug kingpin Maurice Phillips’ girlfriend gets 12 years

Tough Talk About Cheap Lives And Costly Highs  (Pizza undercover case)

Bullets fly as cops capture drug suspect (Ugly Squad)



Young LEO - Copy

Judy was among the first women to join the Norfolk Police Department. Here she is in uniform – 1975.















Judy standing guard over a drug seizures of bags filled with illegal Quaaludes prescription pills.













Judy reviewing a search warrant with a  suspect in one of the squads Quaalude drug cases.









IMG_3215 - Copy

Members of the Needle & Gun Quilt Club – Retired FBI Agents Linda Brookman-Vizi (1980 -2004); Judy Tyler; Delia Kane (1979 – 2001)









Tyler20yranniversary - Copy

Former FBI Director Louie Freeh hands Judy her 20-year service certificate.


















Jerri Williams, a retired FBI agent, author and podcaster, attempts to relive her glory days by writing crime fiction and hosting FBI Retired Case File Review, a true crime podcast available for subscription on iTunes and Stitcher. Her novel—Pay To Play— about a female agent investigating corruption in the Philadelphia strip club industry is available at


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  Feb 13, 2016

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Very interesting. This was a great interview. I liked how you were involved in one of her cases.

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