Retired agent Robert “Bob” Bukowski served nearly 25 years with the FBI.  Prior to his appointment, he spent 5 years with the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). During his Bureau career, he was assigned to International and Domestic Terrorism, Foreign Counter Intelligence and Violent Crime matters and worked high profile investigations in terrorism, kidnappings, homicides, organized crime and multi state violent gangs. In this episode of FBI Retired Case File Review, Bob reviews the multi-state and multi-agency investigation of the kidnapping and murder of millionaire Nelson Gross. Three teenagers were eventually charged and convicted of kidnapping and murdering their victim for a $20,000 ransom. After the successful conclusion of the case, Bob served as Team Leader in the 9/11 Investigation and was interviewed by the 911 Commission Committee. Bob was also a member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) in both New York City and New Jersey.  Since retiring from the FBI, he has been employed by the United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) where he coordinates investigations throughout Northern New Jersey between local police departments and federal agencies. Bob is also an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickerson University where he teaches criminal justice and terrorism classes.

Special Agent (Retired)

Bob Bukowski

5/19/1986 – 6/4/2010












This episode is dedicated to Bob Bukowski’s partner on this case, FBI Special Agent Lennie Hatton who was killed in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City. He responded to the incident and was inside the WTC when the buildings collapsed.


The following are links to newspaper articles about the kidnapping and murder of millionaire Nelson Gross:

New York Times – Youths Accused of Killing New Jersey Millionaire

New York Times – 2 Are Given Up to 30 Years In Murder of a Millionaire

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – MOGUL-KILL SUSPECT IN TEARFUL OUTBURST EXPECTED HE’D GO FREE – Wreck of the Binghamton: The decline and fall of a N.J. landmark



A flyer posted shortly after his disappearance offering a reward for information about missing millionaire Nelson Gross.  (FBI)















A view of the parking lot and the Neo Binghamton Steak & Seafood Restaurant on Hudson River (Edgewater NJ) once owned by millionaire Nelson Gross and family.












Anthony Estevez, right, in court in this artist rendering. He was on trial for the kidnapping and murder of millionaire Nelson Gross. ( File photo)















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  Aug 24, 2017

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